Still not done?

Sigh. Frustratingly, no. I hope to post some screenshots of the blasted thing in the next couple of weeks, though. Not that screenshots of a financial app are that exciting, mind you, but at least it's something to look at, right?

So back in the Spring I decided to change directions on the app and toss out the older code using the older technologies and move to Apple's fancy new stuff. This is a lot of short term growing pain, but the long term benefit is going to be good. I figure if I end up delaying the v4 release for a few more months and put out something with cutting edge technology that the code base will last me longer. The risk was that if I finished up and sent out the version I'd been working on with the older technology that I'd run into another brick wall the way I had with the old code and go on another multi-year hiatus. I don't want to do that.

That said, new tech is always a pain in the ass. Apple's tech, especially, can be frustrating, since so much of their stuff seems to be 4 steps forward, 1 step back. So I discovered that I can do a HUGE number of things automatically that previously used to take me all sorts of extra glue coding that didn't have anything to do with the app. Big plus, and I should move to new tech, right? Well, yeah, but while working on it I discovered that a whole bunch of things that used to be trivially simple to do are now nebulous quasi-solved problems. So that's the one step back part and it's bogged me down a lot more than my initial enthusiasm was hoping.

I'm also tired of putting out beta releases, and it became pretty obvious that I wasn't going to hit 10/10 with a final v4 release, so I spun back around to the old v3 code and started fixing things to bring it up to modern standards. I think I got it all happy with the App Store and released 3.4.7 today.

Assuming Apple doesn't have any issue with it, it should make its way into the app store within the next week or so. It operates similarly to the beta - it plays nicely with Yosemite and El Capitan, but it can't open very old data files. For most people, this won't be an issue. If you have an old data file and need to upgrade your app and your OS at the same time, you can just send it to me and I should be able to migrate it for you. Maintaining 11 years worth of file history sure is a nuisance...

For the non-app store users, 3.4.7 is available for you too - just hit the big download button in the upper right.

And that's where we're at. If Apple has any issues with 3.4.7 in the App Store, I'll circle back in here and put out another patched beta. Otherwise, I'm going back to work on v4.

Text Bucket
Slide Runner
Downloaded this app and bought it after only ten minutes of testing. Initially had some odd results in reports, but a quick email to the developer resulted in a fix within hours. This app is going to save me $17,000 so it's well worth the purchase price.
-TCN33 on MacUpdate.com