Slide Runner

Easily add flipbook style timer animations to your presentations.

I go to a fair number of conferences and see a good number of presentations. And one thing that drives me nuts is not knowing how much longer a presentation is going to be.

Slide Runner helps with that.

Fire it up, and you can easily add information on the length of your presentation to your slides. Your choice - either use a simple flipbook style animation that moves something across your slides, such as our standard Runner or a balloon that pops, or be traditional and just add numbers.

But in a few seconds with a few clicks, you have easy visual feedback on your slides.

Integrates in directly with your Keynote files, or export the images to manually add them into Powerpoint or use wherever else you need.

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Slide Runner has a very simple interface. Just configure a few options and you've easily got an animated timer for your all your presentation needs. At the top, first select the animation you want to use. You'll get an animated display of what the graphic will look like. Underneath that, configure the size of the animation you want. We recommend something erring towards smaller rather than larger, since you want a small animation on your slides for the audience to keep track, but not to detract from your actual content.
Next, if you have an existing Keynote presentation, you can select it here and Slide Runner will process it for you. You can also drag and drop a presentation onto the application and it will automatically launch and process for you, using the last specified options.
Finally, you may not be a Keynote user - maybe you use Powerpoint, or some web based solution. You can still take advantage of Slide Runner! Just manually configure the size of your slides and the number of frames you want and you can export out the images and work with them any way you'd like.

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Slide Runner
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